e. Fürst William u. Dalima ( Dr Jackson - Jazzman - Donnerhall )


Fürst Primera har ett fantastiskt möderne och tillhör en utav världens absolut främsta stostammar i modern tid "Dame of the Finnländerin" Fürst Primeras mormor är efterDonna Primera som är helsyster till avelsmatadoren och den levande legenden Blue Hors Don Schufro.

Fürst Primera bär på ett koncentrat utav världens absolut bästa internationella dressyrblod.

Donna Primera vann själv sitt stotest och var finalist i Nationella championatet, hon har lämnat den godkända hingsten Ron Rubin och hennes helsystrar (även där vinnarston och Årets oldenburg sto) har bla lämnat dom godkända hingstarna: Blue Hors Zatchmo, Blue Hors Zirrus,  Blue Hors Veneziano, Blue Horse Rudischa, Pentagon’s PeronTailormade Red Rebel, Cappuccino 16/Karin Rehbain, PSI premie stallion Sunny BoySandro`s Succes mfl samt många prisbelönta vinnar ston och Grand Prix hästar. Don Schuffros avkommor behöver knappast presenteras då det inte finns något slut på listan med framgångar.  Don Schuffros och Donna Primeras mor Fiesta är helsyster till Don Primeros mor Fantasia.

Nedan följer den engelska versionen på stostammens framgångar.

Fürst Primeras grandmother is out of Donna Primera (Staatsprämien und Elitestute) she is a full-sister to one of the worlds most successful dressage and breeding stallion Blue Hors Don Schufro . The sire and dam sire of Donna Primera, Donnerhall and Pik Bube I, need no further introduction. Her great grand sire Unkenruf also competed in Grand Prix.

Donna Primera are out of the prized Oldenburg mare Fiesta. Fiestas offsprings:

  • Donna Primera was the winner of her mare performance test and a finalist at the National championship. She is mother of the breeding stallion Ron Rubin and the stallion San Primero born 2008 who is already competing and winning in level M dressage in Germany and has winning his qualification for the 5 years old dressage horse for the Bundeschampionat 2013 and won both of his starts on a very big show in Bavaria Germany one levelL and one level M. He has only been in 3 competitions in his life and done 5 starts and has winning them all besides one that he placed second! Another daughter Sambada is mother to the stallion Jazzmaster who was sold at the PSI auction in 2015
  • Fabina owned by Blue Hors is another full-sister and she was the winner in the Brilliantring in Rastede and became Oldenburg Mare of the Year at the Elite Show in Rastede selected from a large field of 99 qualified fillies and prior to this she won the performance test with 214 participating mares. Her first son is the licensed stallion Tailormade Red RebelFabina is also mother to the licensed stallion Blue Hors Veneziano who became reserv champion in Oldenburg 2012. Her daughter Femina was the Reserve Champion Mare in Brilliantring at the Elite Mare Show in Rastede, bred by Blue Hors stud. Another daughter the state premium mare Faberge was in the Mare Brillianatring at the Elite Mare show in Rastede 2015.
  • Fiesta´s Girl another full-sister is mother of the licensed stallions Blue Hors Zatchmo, Blue Hors Zirrus and Blue Hors Rudisha. Her daughter Florell by Romanov was ranked in the 2009 Brilliantring in Rastede. Another daughter Florell is mother to Florelia which has been purchased by Blue Hors.
  •  Fantastica another full-sister is mother to the Grand Prix stallions Cappuccino 16 ridden by Karin Rehbainand and Cafe Au Lait ridden by Maree Tomkinson another son is the PSI premie stallion Sunny Boy.  Fantasticas daughter Sunny-Girl is mother to the licensed stallion Lord Schufro born in 2010, he was sold at 2012 AOS (Ankum Open sales) Auction (Hof Kasselman) for 220 000 Euro. He became reserve Champion for 3-year old Stallions in Rastede 2013 and 2014 Sold at the PSI auction for 260 000 Euro. Another daughter Fanessa is mother to the stallion Santo Domingo who was sold 2009 at PSI auction for 72 000 Euro. Fanessa is also mother to the Grand Prix horse Sir Oliver.
  •  Farina another full-sister is mother of the licensed stallion Pentagon’s Peron and her daughter Fabiola  (a full-sister to Pentagons Peron) was the Reigning national champion mare, Reigning national champion of the 4-year old horses, Reigning National Champion Mare 2007 , Finalist Austrian Federal Riding Horse Championships .
  •  Ferna another fullsister is mother to the licensed stallion Sidney and the licensed Grand Prix stallion Sandro`s Success another son Darihus breed by Haras du Hus won as a 5 years old a lot of competitions with an outstanding locomotion. He participated in the World Championships in Verden. Another daughter Ferrera competes for Hong Kong in Dressage. Based in Britain. CDI Inter 1 Prix St George 2014 Competed 2014 Asian Games. Another son Escobar DG became as a 4-year old Reserve Champion for young horses in USA and as 5-year he was placed 6 in the finals at U.S Young Horse Championchip. Another daughter Fernanda renamed as "Royal Schufro" is purchased by Mount St John Sport Horses.
  • Filia another fullsister became 3 year old reserve champion mare in Austria, her daughter Filippa is mother to the stallion Fargo who became Vice State Champion 3-year-old riding horses and was awarded with the highest marks. He has qualifizert for the Austrian National Championships.
  • Blue Hors Don Schufro a living legend! A full-brother who produces top results. Don Schuffro is for 10 time the the leaders of the German Breeding Value index three times on the second rank and all this in an thirteen year's period! He is an absolutely exceptional sire, who passes on securely his quality.

    Year after year, he produces new highlights for sport and breeding his daughter Weihegold is currently the dressage horse whose name is on everybody's lips in Germany when there is talk of "future stars" in international dressage. Most recently, Weihegold and her steady rider, Beatriz Buchwald, won both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special at shows in Oldenburg and Frankfurt. In 2014, the pair won the prestigious Louisdor Preis final in Germany - a dressage cup for young Grand Prix horses between 8 and 10 years another daughter Donna Unique took gold under Andreas Helgstrand/DEN in the 2010 World Championships in Verden in the class for six-year old dressage horses. She received the dream score of 10.0 for her trot, a 9.5 for her walk, 9.3 for her canter and a 9.6 for overall impression as well as an 8.9 for suppleness.  With a total score of 9.46, Donna Unique clearly left her competitors in the dust, just as she had already done in the qualifier.  The year before, she took silver at the World Championships in the class for five-year old dressage horses. In 2007 she took the Young Horse Champion title in Herning, Denmark. 2012 she qualified twice for the Burg-Pokal and was now trained for first competitions on Grand Prix level.

    Don Schufro
     has sired more than 30 licensed sons for example Diamond Hit who has won Grand Prix with Emma Hindle, Blue Hors Don Romantic, Bocelli, Don Laurie I, Don Laurie II, Doolittle, Zchufro C, Duendicillo, Del Martino, Paragon, Demetrius. Hes daughters has been awarded the Oldenburg Mare of the year twice with Blue Hors Rebelle and Weihegold, not to mention Danish Warmblood Mare of the Year three times, several champion mares, more than 20 medal mares, four daughters have been awarded the highly coveted gold medal, several Grand Prix horses, performance test winner and so on, the list never ends.

    In Verden 2010 Don Schufro was either sire or grand sire of five of the nine best horses. At the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses 2010 his name could be found in the pedigree of five out of the nine best horses. In the final, three of his offspring was placed in the top five - Uno Donna Unique, Rebelle and Skovens Rafael. Don Schufro himself has passed a splendid career from his first win in a test for young riding horses in 1996 up to his team bronze medal with Andreas Helgstrand at the 2008' Olympic Games in Hong Kong. He won several times at Grand Prix level and inspired with a perfect cadence and engagement of hindquarters.
  • Fantasia a full-sister to Fiesta  is mother to the famous breeding stallion Don Primero who was sold to Sweden for almost 2,000,000 Deutsch Marks (1 000 000 Euro) The last 7 years, he has been top 10 on the FN breeding list of dressage sires. Don Primero himself won the National Young Horse Championships for five year old dressage horses and was produced up to international level under Karin and Herbert Rehbein to Grand Prix winning over twenty 20 S (A grade) dressage classes. His progeny's success is unique: he has sired more than 20 licensed sons and 16 state premium mares and furthermore numerous competition horses,

All sisters and grandmothers to Donna Primera are stallions mothers, Staatsprämien und Elitestute.  Dame of the finnländerin has for example eaven produced the licensed stallions Davidoff`s Hit, Radetzky, Aldato, Rio Negro, Polany, Rasputin, Lord Leopold, Sandro`s Success, Granulit, Adelfos to name a few.

This mare line "Dame of the Finnländerin" is among the best and most successful in the modern sport horse breeding who has produced countlessinternational Grand Prix horses and licensed stallions.

  • Father Fürst William, the National Champion! The Oldenburg State Champion! Fürst William HC was the absolutely superior riding horse in 2015 in Warendorf. He undisputedly became Bundeschampion and obtained fantastic marks as 9.5 for trot and canter and an unbelievable 10.0 given by the test riders, before he had been unbeatable in the show at Rastede castle grounds, too. In his 30-days test in 2015 in Schlieckau he received highest marks e.g. 10.0 in test rider valuation.

    Fürst Williams father Fürst Wilhelm was Oldenburg State Champion in 2012, won medium level dressage competitions for young horses and presented the most expensive 100.000 Euro auction foal in Germany in 2013. In 2014 and 2015 Fürst Wilhelm made numerous headlines. One highlight followed by another in fall 2014 his first two sons were licensed in Redefin, thereunder the brilliantly true to type dressage Bundeschampion Fürst William. The next headline didn't take long his son Furtwängler was the celebrated price highlight, selling 135,000 Euro, at the 83rd Fall Elite auction in Vechta. And the stallion licensing fall 2015 brought further highlights sired by Fürst Wilhelm. In Oldenburg the black Fürstenglanz showed a brilliant performance, and on the occasion of the Westphalian licensing the expressively moving, true to type Oldenburg liver chestnut stallion Festivo was licensed.

    In 2015, Fürst Wilhelm's eldest offspring were five-years old and, according to their age, they were often victorious or placed with the best in tests for young riding horses and dressage horses. In FN's predicted breeding value statistics for dressage Fürst Wilhelm is ranked among the best with 139 points.


 Dr Jackson

Dr Jackson

  •  Grandsire Dr.Jackson scored on his stallion test the point 10 five times and the point 9 three times and he was second placed in dressage by over 40 stallions with 134 points. He is listed since beginning in the top 1% of the German breeding value list and very well known for offspring with outstanding character and rideability and they are very easy to ride. In South Germany he is the favorit by making very excellent horses for dressage riding for both amateur and profis. Among his offsprings are a lot of winner from championat , champion stallions, winner of the top class dressage and Grand Prix horses. Dr. Jackson himself was with 3 and 5 years in the final of the Bundeschampionat.