Toppdominans för Primeras kusin Blue Hors Veneziano i Hernings Small Tour!


Primeras kusin 8-åriga godkända hingsten Blue Hors Veneziano imponerade stort i sin "Lilla rundan" debut nu i mars och tog hem 2 internationella segrar i Hernings Small Tour på CDI3*-nivå.

Första klassen CDI3* Prix St George vann ekipaget överlägset med nästan 4% vinstmarginal, ritten belönades med fina 74,735%

Även i andra klassen CDI3* Intermediare I tog Daniel Andersen och Veneziano hem segern med 74,353%.

"Veneziano was really super and showed a lot of strength in the collected work," Andersen explained. "His biggest quality is his temperament and willingness to work. He is very talented for piaffe and passage. I have done one Intermediare ll with him, which was good; he won with 72%, but in Herning we decided to do the small tour: first of all to show him at the stallion licensing, but also to give him another good experience in a bigger atmosphere.